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Kindle Lending

Amazon has turned on a new feature: Kindle Lending.

Another reason to make the switch to e-books for your fiction, non-fiction and textbook needs.
There are definitely still improvements to be made in the e-book and e-reader world.
Most notably, the still rather limited library of available books. But as the months pass more publishers are releasing selected titles, making the e-reader an exponentially advantageous device.

I have been waiting for the availability to loan out my e-books to friends with a Kindle, and while Amazon’s current Kindle Lending concept is a step in the right direction, there is still quite a ways to go.

A Kindle book is eligible for a 14-day loan period (reminiscent of library check-outs) but each book can only be loaned once. I think this is a bit too limiting.  I understand the publishers don’t want to deal with illegal reproduction, but if it is your legally purchased copy I think you should be able to loan it out multiple times (some industry tech writers are suggesting 5 loans per book is reasonable).  Another component is that if you have an e-book loaned out you cannot access it on your device. Much like if your hard copy was sitting on your friend’s nightstand then it wouldn’t be on your bookshelf for you to peruse.

Lending rights are up to the publisher, so not all books are lending enabled. This feature is noted in the product details on Amazon.

At this point the fact the e-book lending concept is being addressed, and presented in some limited fashion, means we’re working towards finding a place that hopefully makes both the publishers and readers content.

Here’s a great HOW TO: Use Amazon’s New Kindle Lending Feature from Mashable.


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