Generating Content with Video Contests | Intended End-User Audience

This is the second post of a short series on elements that create a good video campaign.

The benefit of running a video contest is that upon completion your institution can use the student-generated videos as promotional material for your institution. You will have a library of creative, diverse video content created by your students sharing with the world how much they like your institution. That’s better than any paid marketing campaign and it’s genuine, from the voice of your students.

It’s important to think about what kind of videos your prospective student market will want to see. What you want to feature about your institution and current students to your prospective student audience will drive your video contest theme. For example, do you want your students’ videos to focus on their student life experience, their campus life, academics, activities, their opinion on the best feature of the institution? These topics will all produce quite a different result in terms of video content and student testimonials.

For a more academic-themed video stream you may want to consider a video contest topic around “How XXX university is Preparing Me for My Career” or “Success Beyond XXX University” For more of a student life focus something along the lines of “Get Outside (The Classroom).” If you want to showcase the diversity of the international student body you could center a theme around something like “Bringing My Culture to XXX University.”

It’s always a good idea to run your theme by a few students beforehand to hear their take on it and what kind of video they would produce. This will help you get a sense if your theme is in alignment with what you want the end result content to showcase.

Next post: Video Contest Participants

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