Generating Content with Video Contests-Overview

This is the overview post of a short series on elements that create an effective video campaign.


One of the biggest challenges with creating new student video content is finding the time to actually create it. Instead, offload this time-intensive task to your students. Not only does it take the project of your long list of To Dos, it is more real having the content come from the students directly, as that’s who prospective students want to hear from.

One of the best ways to generate a breadth of organic video content in a relatively short amount of time is to run a video contest. Before blasting out to students that you’re giving away prizes for their “homemade movies” there are a number of elements to consider, including:

  • Intended End-User Audience
  • Video Contest Participants
  • Theme
  • Time limit
  • Contest Rules
  • Contest Promotion
  • Judging & Winner Selection Process
  • Prizes & Showcasing the Winners
  • Sharing Video Content

Over the next few weeks I will feature blog posts that highlight each of these elements and discuss them in detail, as well as provide recommendations on best practices.

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