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A Look Into The Life of Millennials

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A look into our target student population, Millennials, and how they view the world, education, politics, work and more.

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Zite is a free iPad application that uses algorithms to automatically learn what type of information you are interested in and generate relevant content to create a personalized digital magazine.

Zite is definitely note-worthy and has made my top 5 apps of 2011. There are other applications such as Flipboard and StumbleUpon which provide tailored content based on the user’s interests and preferences but I have found Zite’s platform to produce the best depth and breadth of information. 9 times out of 10 I am interested in what it produces and find I read almost every article it recommends for me.

Zite watches your click preferences as well as how long you stay on specific articles to create future content. If you tweet, Zite looks at the text & links in your tweets and includes that information as relevant search topics when providing tailored content for “your magazine.” I use Pulse and a few other RSS feed aggregator apps but I find this one to be much more dynamic as it weeds out content I don’t want to see, even if it is from a news source I typically read.

The Zite app has a clean and attractive interface, landing you on your Top Stories page, with a side bar of subject areas you can customize to your interests (from Arts & Culture to Gadets to Photography to “Enter your Own” Category).

I talk with many educators who feel overwhelmed by the number of sources of information we are required to reach in order to stay updated in our field and related interests. We are constantly inundated with information, and it’s not getting any easier. While we need to stay abreast of current events it can be difficult to find time to wade through all of the unrelated content we are faced with on a daily basis.

If you need one go-to application to stay current on topics of interest, this is it.

Get it free from the iTunes app store: Zite

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