Institutional Social Media Policy

The rapidly growing use of social media in the education field means creating a social media policy is important, if not essential, for your institution. From prospective student recruitment to current student engagement, it is helpful if the institution has clear guidelines on what faculty, staff and students need to adhere to when communicating online via social media.

Amanda Vandervort has compiled a list of 15 universities who have created a social media policy, and made it public. This is a great resource, and a helpful starting point, to begin collaborating with your administration on creating your institution’s own social media policy.

The institutions listed include:
* Tufts University
* University of Kansas
* Montana State University Athletics
* University of Michigan
* Colorado State University
* Seattle University
* University of Kentucky
* Washington University in St. Louis
* California State University, Fresno
* Eastern University
* Ball State University
* Florida International University
* University of Oregon
* DePaul University
* Vanderbilt University

Visit her original post, Fifteen University Social Media Policies for links to the individual social media policy documents.

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