I’m swooning over my new iPad (2) so there may be a few posts in the coming months that focus on the wonderful discovery of related apps.

Hitpad is an iPad app that offers a snapshot of trending news across the web. As we increasingly have more places to look for news and events happening in the world Hitpad simpifies this process by providing the top trending topics across the web in real time.

Rather than just a twitter feed, a Google search, or frequently viewed YouTube videos Hitpad’s beautiful interface offers a series of columns featuring a variety of sources & content trending on a topic: news, tweets, video, web, and photos.

On their site the developers/founders share a bit about what makes Hitpad successful and different:

Compared to the visual news or feeds readers, Hitpad has four main differences:

  • Hitpad is a rich visual dashboard that tells you what are the most important things you should know today in your areas of interest
  • Hitpad is instrumentation by measuring, analyzing and determining what is important to consume in order to minimize reverb and improve discovery
  • Hitpad is agnostic to the publishers that are providing the data
  • Hitpad is tuned and personalized based on your interests
You can find it here in the Apple store.

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