Prezi | Game-Changing Presentations

When you’re tasked with creating a presentation what is the go-to software you use to create the presentation?

In most cases people say PowerPoint.
While  PowerPoint has its merits, and can definitely help an audience follow a speaker’s presentation, it is time to look to more dynamic alternatives to showcasing presentation information.

Prezi is a program that allows you to create zooming presentations online. The online platform allows you to add text, photos and link to YouTube videos (no video file upload yet).
One of the great concepts of this program is that it is non-linear. For so long we have showcased presentations in a slide order that goes from left to right in chronological order, yet we know that’s not how many concepts or ideas are best presented.  With Prezi you can include mind-maps, idea boards and show causal relationships between multiple concepts.

As a user it does take awhile to move away from the concept of creating a chronological presentation so I recommend watching a few sample presentations to inspire your own ideas.

You can watch this Prezi presentation on How to Create a Great Prezi to get started.

We are currently working on re-tooling our school programs presentation using Prezi so I’ll post it here when it is finished.

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One response to “Prezi | Game-Changing Presentations

  • Andy

    I first got into Prezi about two years ago. There are a lot of more features – fonts, colors, zooming dynamics – available today compared to then. It’s certainly a nice tool for mixing it up. I mostly use it to talk about workforce ed funding programs to new students (I even entered a submission on the Win-An-Ipad contest Prezi recently put on). Not sure it will supplant powerpoint but it provides an alternative.

    I think it’s important for new users not to get too carried away with the zooming feature. It’s a novelty, and an entertaining one at that, but should be used purposely to enhance the story you’re trying to tell or the presentation you’re trying to give. If used excessively – long sweeping pans in and out, here and there, for their own sake and not for the sake of making content easier to understand – the zooming can distract from a presentation’s content and even cause people to feel a little queasy.

    Because it’s a relatively new presentation tool, I think the stylistic conventions, or norms, for what makes an effective Prezi are still evolving and will slowly become more fixed as more people use it. The introductory lessons designed to teach new users how to use Prezi make it look easy – and it is relatively easy to use the application – but achieving a smooth narrative flow is, in reality, a difficulty thing to achieve, at least for me…Thanks for sharing.

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