Realtime Results

I recently attended an on campus faculty-led seminar on social media.  At the beginning of the session the presenters asked the audience some general questions about their social media use. I was surprised by how many faculty and staff weren’t using Facebook in their personal or their professional life let alone Twitter or other social networking site. Only one person said they tweet on a regular basis and most said they don’t use social media in their daily life.

It is these instances which make me realize how important it is that we, as technology advocates, educate, inspire and encourage implementation of technology into the daily lives of educators.

During the seminar we talked about the concept of Twitter, micro-blogging and real time information. It was apparent that many educators in the room weren’t ready to run back to their office, open a Twitter account, and start tweeting.

Yet that doesn’t mean we can’t be aware of the conversations going on in the virtual world.

One product that allows us to do this is Google Realtime.
Google Realtime allows you to search the web for real time results as they are posted. The feature was originally released in December of 2009 but significant improvements were made to the system in 2010.

See what Google Developers have to say about the product’s features from Google’s Blog:

This product allows users to search information from multiple sources not just Twitter, Facebook, or a single news site.

And while the room may not yet be filled with Twitter lovers

The first step is to be passively involved in the subject matter, the next step is to be actively engaging in the discussion.


5 responses to “Realtime Results

  • Sallie Weems

    It’s interesting to see the generational chasm among educators who value social media and those who don’t. Unfortunately, there are those faculty who won’t even attempt to learn how social media can enhance the learning experience.

  • MacKenzie Hizon

    @Sallie: I agree. We definitely can’t force educators to use online and technology tools but many times it is because they don’t understand how to leverage them. I think if we can educate them on the positive advantages of integrating some social media and technology in their classroom they would be willing to implement them. But we need to not only show them how to set it up but how to effectively manage and engage with students on these platforms over time.

  • donna

    I think the key to getting faculty involved in the technology is to demonstrate how it can be used in the classroom to facilitate learning. For example, I’m thinking about how an assignment using realtime would fit within my course content.

  • MacKenzie Hizon

    @Donna: Getting faculty involved is key. If they don’t feel comfortable using the technology they definitely won’t incorporate it into their curriculum or teaching.
    I’d love to hear what subjects you teach and some of the ideas you came up with integrating realtime.

  • MacKenzie Hizon

    Google Shuts Down Realtime Search, for Now

    Google is looking at how they can incorporate Google+ results into their feeds and their agreement with Twitter, to provide a majority of the results, came to an end.
    Stay tuned for more information.

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