Viral Videos | University Lipdubs

One of the more recent trends in  international education viral marketing videos is the lipdub.

Canadian university students are banding together with their school mates to show prospective students just how much they love their institutions.

University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM) students came out with their I Gotta Feeling lipbdub in 2009, which has 8,526,428 views as of this post being published.

University of British Columbia (UBC) students recently released their own Raise your Glass & Celebrity Status lipdub on April 8, which already has over 852,000 views.

As a follow-up the UQAM student who directed and produced the video released a “Making of Lipdub” video a year following the original. This video has been posted to the same YouTube channel, but unfortunately, is not available for viewing in some countries. I was able to watch it before it was limited and it was very fascinating to see the coordination and planning this type of project required. The video link is still live, so perhaps you can try from outside the US or check back in the coming months.

Here is some recent press coverage on UBC’s lipdub by the Vancouver Sun, as well as links to other universities following the trend.

These videos are incredible to watch. Not just for the coordination of hundreds individuals among a mass group but to see how excited students are about celebrating their institution. These projects are an amazing way for students to engage with their community, about their community, doing something truly entertaining in the process. And the result is a very noncommercial promotional tool that can be used to market the institution to prospective students.

The key to success in these type of projects is that it has to be a concept that is organized organically from the student body, or a student leader. If this video was commission and produced via a large corporation by the college it wouldn’t be nearly as fun for students to be involved, or for prospective students to watch. There are ways to encourage this type of participation, such as connecting with those student leaders on campus, but many of these type of projects happen without official direction when students are excited about their institution and encouraged creatively (as well as having access to resources such as technology, video editing, and sending out mass announcements to student body during the organization-phase of large scale projects).

For more information on these and other viral marketing videos attend Content is King: Video & Viral Marketing for Recruitment Success at the Unique Uses of Technology and Social Media in International Education poster fair Friday, June 3, 2011, 9:00-10:30 am at the NAFSA Annual Conference in Vancouver, BC.


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