Tags vs. Categories

The best news is that you don’t have to choose.

Both tags and categories are important for successful blog indexing.

I have read a number of posts on tags and categories, and have wanted to post on this topic for awhile, but hadn’t discovered what I felt to be a solid explanation of why you should use both tags and categories on your blog.  I have also been searching for a clear illustration on the difference between the concepts of tagging and categorizing.

Social Media Today recently featured Elissa Nauful’s Tagging 101, which is one of the best pieces I have seen on the discussion of tags and categories.

The best line that sums it all up:

If you organize your blog like a book, your categories would be its table of contents, and your tags would be the index.

I remember in my tag/categories research I read one article that said “don’t even bother with tags, categories are really what matters.” Yet as Nauful says in her piece both tagging and adding categories can help search engines create your blog entries as results.

Well worth a read of the full article on Social Media Today’s blog.

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