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Google Chrome Extensions

Despite the fact that many of us have laptops we carry around most of the time we still often have a “home” computer and a  “work” computer.  We’ve all had that moment where we go to work on a project, only to realize the program or file is on our other computer.

We’ve talked about cloud computing in the past, and it’s only going to become more prevalent. The idea that you can access your information from any computer and you store your information, applications and programs online rather than physically loading files onto a specific machine.

Google’s Chrome now offers applications and extensions in its browser so that you can access some of your favorite programs online without having to download any files or content to your computer.

Google has the Chrome Web Store which is an online marketplace for their applications, extensions and themes.  For more information on what these are, how they differ, how to install, and for video tutorials visit Explore What’s In Store.

Similar to iTunes, Google has categorized the thousands of apps by topic such as Education, Entertainment, Family, Lifestyle and more.

You will need to sign into your Google account to install the applications and extensions. Then every time you sign into Google, from any computer, you will see your applications listed on the New Tab/your Homepage, as in the photo above. One more way to make your life more mobile.

My personal favorite is TweetDeck.

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The Most Influential Colleges on Twitter

The Most Influential Colleges on Twitter, based on research done by Klout.

The list below is the 12 most influential higher education institutions on Twitter based on a Klout score of 1-100, measuring click, comments and retweets.

  1. Stanford University – 70
  2. Syracuse University – 70
  3. Harvard University – 64
  4. University of Wisconsin-Madison – 64
  5. University of California, Berkeley – 56
  6. Butler University – 56
  7. Tufts University – 55
  8. Temple University – 53
  9. University of Minnesota – 52
  10. University of Texas at Austin – 52
  11. Marquette University – 52
  12. Indiana University – 51

Tip to Improve Your Institution’s Twitter Presence: Follow these schools on Twitter and monitor the contents of their tweets, how they engage their community, and what their followers retweet & comment on.