Monthly Archives: August 2010

A New Genre of Filmmaking

It was only a matter of time before video and video editing came to the mobile device. The next generation does just about everything else on their phone and now they can shoot HD video, edit clips, and post original movies on their favorite social networking site in a matter of minutes.

According to a recent article by CNN the iPhone 4 has just made making videos that much easier.

Which is also great news for educators who would like to post content about their school and programs on the web. You now don’t need to even purchase a digital camera with a video recording function. If you have a phone then you’re on your way to marketing your program cost-free online.

Apple even offers their own video editing application, iMovie, although many cite significant limitations in the program. One other popular third party option is ReelDirector.

I believe it is the day is just around the corner when other smartphone companies jump on the bandwagon and offer the same video features on their new devices.

A few ideas to market your program using your iPhone 4 video functions are interviewing current students about their experiences being on your campus. Even better, if you have local alumni or you are traveling abroad to recruit students meet up with former students and record a short clip of them telling prospective students how your school perpared them to secure a job and provided them the key components to launch their successful career (even better: for the interview have them seated in their office or giving a quick video tour of their company).

Take your phone to student activities, events and school (or professional) sporting events (soccer, aka “football” is a big draw for most international students). Even a short clip of what your student commons area looks like during lunchtime gives prospective students a feel of your campus.

The possibilities are endless and I can guarantee that since organic video already plays such a prominent role in our society it won’t be long before the phone application stores are filled with top-notch video editing apps.